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>> Sunday, July 24, 2011

For fans of the French crocodile, Lacoste has launched a rather snappy website this month, one for us design fans to really sink our teeth into... Okay that's enough of the jokes, so let's be serious and take a look at

Designed and developed by Parisian firm Megalo(s), the site launches the new Lacoste Red Collection. The creative direction is based on a campaign by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and features a soundtrack by Yuksek. Lacoste Red is Lacoste's junior collection and is aimed at 15-25 year olds.

So seeing as I love attention to detail more than I love a cold beer on a sunny day, I was quite impressed with the loading screen. These things, in my opinion, quite often let a site down because they are left to the last moment, build no sense of anticipation and never fully integrate with the content. It's a bit like going to a posh restaurant and being confronted with a lavatory and accessories from Builders Warehouse - it does the job, but doesn't quite cut the design mustard. Lacoste have gone for an unapologetic full screen clock, music, a couple of zooming bikers and the option for low or high bandwidth (a big tick for those of us that live in South Africa).
So on into the menu. Sadly the music here is softer and a bit less interesting, but select a style and bam! you're back to the good stuff. Strong typography and another fab loading sequence which employs a sense of eighties computer games. This was as far as I got because it stuck at 100%. Big sigh.

Men may require a shot or three to confidently sport the thigh-revealing shorts seen on runways throughout the week. Models at Narciso Rodriguez showed more than a little skin with their black and gray garb, causing the fug girls wonder if the designer was pulling their legs. Perry Ellis redefined "tighty whiteys," pairing his crisp interpretation of the trend with a button-down sweater. And it's a good thing Lacoste lads play a lot of tennis — they'll need it to get in shape for the brand's bright new bottoms.

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