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>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta came up with a marvelous bridalwear collection for the Spring/Summer 2008 season. Sample wedding gowns from his collection deviate from formulaic looks and play up off-shoulder dresses, flouncy skirts, and pastels. Whites and ivories are matched with subtle grays and the gowns are embellished with with sparkling crystals for a look that’s romantic and glamorous. Also featured in his wedding gown collection are tulle empire-cut dresses, embroidered gowns, dresses with lattice-work, and off-the-shoulder chiffon.From Style.com: “It’s a very happy collection,” said a relaxed Oscar de la Renta as he greeted guests filing into 583 Park Avenue, a venue that had been transformed by Stefan Beckman into a sort of minty-fresh aqua and white garden. Sure, the economy’s barreling downhill, the Democratic nominees are locked in a grinding duel, and gas may hit $5 a gallon, but life does go on. And when it does, Oscar’s lady who lounges, lunches, and loves to look fabulous will need something to wear. The designer covered her daytime needs with shantung skirtsuits, slim shift dresses, and high-waisted trousers, along with more playful options like a sparkling white sweater with an emerald gazar skirt.

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