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>> Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Let me start by saying I don’t understand the excess planning and spending that goes into prom. Maybe that’s because at my rural high school, our prom was held in the school cafeteria, and no one ever took a limo there. There was no dinner, no red-carpet entrance that parents line up to photograph. Nothing.

So maybe that’s why I don’ t understand the preparations that go into the event (not even mentioning the I don’t understand why some parents are willing to spend so much on an event that really will have little significance to the rest of the child’s life.

I get that when you’re a teen, it IS the biggest event in your world, but parents have helped create that kind of feeling when they line up at the prom entrance with cameras like their child is walking into the Academy Awards. How would you like to be the kid that couldn’t afford a “good” dress, but you’re still on parade? It’s needless pressure to keep up.

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