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>> Thursday, December 23, 2010

70’s styles are everywhere right now. Women are obsessed with fashions from the era of free love and happiness. Seen lately in Hollywood is a lot of prints inspired from this era.

The famous Missoni print was first created in the late 40’s and shot to popularity in the late 60’s - early 70’s by Missoni himself, and has reemerged in fashion every couple of years. Trendy stars love this style; it is fun and always classic.

Here Mischa is wearing the print in a short version while Britney Spears' cousin Ali prefers the long more classic version of this dres

Missoni fashion photo
Missoni hot models pic
Missoni walking on the rap
Missoni pic
Missoni bags photo
Missoni wall photo
Missoni carpet
Missoni European fashoin
Missoni sexy looking

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